2008 Mandalay Presidio

This 2008 Mandalay Presidio is a full time home for a lovely AZ couple. Their interior was in need of some help and they were facing the inevitable remodel or buy decision. They made a good choice and saved a significant amount of money by choosing to remodel their existing coach. We started with the flooring and laid a 12x12 porcelain tile in a diagonal pinwheel layout throughout the coach. To contrast the light colored tile we used a glass and natural stone mosaic with a matching grout. It really made the floor stand out making it the centerpiece of this renovation. Mohawk Dramatic Flair Carpet was installed on the slides, engine hatch, and necessary trim. In addition, we cut and bound floormat for the entrance, driver, kitchen, and shower. All of the upholstery was replaced with Ultraleather Brisa Fresco and Sunbrella cloth. The valences are accented nicely with bold piping seperating the two main interior colors and mirroring the bold grout lines in the tile below. The end result is a stunning interior that no other Mandalay can even get close to.

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