2002 Country Coach Allure

This 2002 Country Coach Allure got a much needed interior facelift. Starting with the floor, we replaced the tired carpet and tile with 12x24 polished porcelain laid in a diagonal Herringbone pattern. These coaches are equipped with an uninsulated fiberglass stairwell. We reinforced it to accomodate porcelain tile then made floor mats backed with Dynapad Acoustic/Thermal insulation. You'd be amazed at the difference it makes in keeping the road noise and exterior temperature out of the cab. The bedroom floor was covered with Mohawk Dramatic Flair carpet. Notice the detail on the engine hatch between the bed and closet. The pattern is matched perfectly for an almost seamless appearance. The transition from the carpet to the tile is flush and doesn't require any type of molding. Also, notice there are no indentations on the new carpet from staples. Most manufacturers and installers will just lay their carpet down and staple it in place, it's easy but it leaves an indentation for every staple. We use carpet tack strip and stretch the carpet in place for a staple free, tight installation. That's the common practice for residential installations, but it is much more work in the confined spaces of an RV floorplan. We think it's well worth the additional time to make your RV's carpet look and feel great for years to come. Lastly, we upholstered the existing couch in Ultraleather Brisa Distressed material contrasting the existing off-white captains chairs and euro chair. This synthetic leather is extremely supple and comfortable, but surprisingly tough and stain resistant. It works perfectly for RV applications. This coach looked, felt, and smelled like a new coach when we were done with it.

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