1946 Ford Business Coupe

This 1946 Ford Business Coupe was shipped down from Canada for us to do the interior. The owner of the car had fitted a set of early 90's Chevy pickup seats in the front and asked us to add a pair of folding jump seats in the rear. The goal was to be able to seat 4 people while keeping to the Business Coupe's nostalgia of not having a back seat.  Starting with a set of jump seats from a compact pickup, we fabricated a frame into the quarter panel to hide them completely behind the wrap-around interior panels. The seats and panels were beautifully upholstered in Ultraleather and the headliner was fitted with wool broadcloth. Some hidden speakers, daytona carpet, and a full trunk enclosure finish our portion of the project. Now it'll go back to Canada where the owner will finish the build. We can't wait to see it when it's all done.

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